December 2020 Student Spotlight – Flor Torres

My name is Flor Torres I currently work as a teacher at Creative Steps Academy at Dallas, TX.

I always wanted to work with children.  I was 8-years-old when my parents separated.  That was very tough for me, so one day I decided that once I grew up I wanted to help children in any way that I could.  During my senior year of high school, I decided to apply to universities that offered psychology degrees, my goal was to become a therapist to help families and children that were going through a divorce or separation. During my 3rd year at the university I obtained a job at an after school program.  I soon learned what great personal satisfaction it brought to help children and be around to make them happy, so I decided to look for the opportunity to work with children as a full time job.  After I graduated from the University of North Texas at Dallas I began to search for job opportunities in child care centers and was able to begin to work at Creative Steps Academy at Dallas, TX from November 2018 until now.

I fell in love with early child education.  Being a teacher has taught me so much about children and life itself.  I love seeing all of their little faces every single day during class and being able to teach them, play with them, and help them when they are having a hard time. I mostly enjoy playing with them during center times because I am able to teach them as they are playing and seeing them smile and be happy.  I now feel like I am doing something very important because I am helping to shape little children that will one day become adults, that is one accomplishment that no one can take away from me. I currently have no plans on moving on from early child education.  I want to keep learning more and more and being able to be there for the children every single day.

My desire to keep learning about how to teach children led me to pursue coursework with ChildCare Education Institute in order to obtain a CDA. I really enjoyed every course I took with CCEI because I would learn so much and would grow as a teacher.  The courses were easy to follow and provided a short test at the end of the course.  I had no trouble getting through it!  My director also offers a professional development subscription with CCEI, so even though I finished my CDA courses, I still have the opportunity to be assigned continuing education courses with CCEI to obtain my state required annual training hours at the center.  It has been a great experience with CCEI because the Education Coaches, and really anyone I would contact if I had an issue or concern, would nicely and happily help me in anything that I need.  I would highly recommend CCEI to anyone who is looking to grow in the child care environment!  It has been a very pleasant experience and I look forward to completing more courses with CCEI.