December 2021 Newsletter – One Tip for Enhanced Communication

One Tip for Enhanced Communication

Welcome to the December 2021 CCEI newsletter! You may be curious about the title of this month’s edition.  No, it is not a typo. We did not mean to say 10 tips for enhancing communication. This month we focus on just one strategy to improve communication.  It is one of the most challenging strategies you will come across in all of the thousands of articles promoting better communication.  It is also one of the most powerful skills to practice if you want to make a difference in your interactions with others.

This month we are going to focus solely on present-moment awareness. While everyone is different, it is safe to say that as a member of the human race, with an active mind and sensory stimulation bombarding you from all directions, you likely spend a good deal of time outside of the realm of present-moment awareness.

You might not be sure what present moment awareness is, but it is quite easy to identify when you are not practicing it!  Have you ever driven home from work and realized that you were lost in thought the whole way home?  Have you ever read a page of a book and had to reread the entire page because you have no idea what it said? Have you ever needed an item and gone to retrieve the item only to forget why you’re in the room you’re standing in?  Have you ever been in conversation with someone and gotten so lost in your own thoughts about the topic that you have no idea what the other person just asked you?

These are just a few examples of instances of the mind wandering away from the present moment. Sometimes, this is no big deal; you just reread the page.  And other times, wandering out of the present moment can have big consequences. Let’s take some time to explore what present-moment awareness is, how you can build the skill, and how you can use it to enhance the way you communicate with others.

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