December 2023 Newsletter – Practices that Support Healthy Development

Practices that Support Healthy Development

Early childhood educators work hard to create learning environments that keep children healthy and safe. They plan engaging activities that encourage children to explore and experiment. On top of all of those responsibilities, they also help children navigate social and emotional situations that can be quite overwhelming for young children. Volumes of research on social and emotional development tell us that these interactions are just as important as the steps teachers take to teach academic skills and maintain safe environments.

These practices help establish a responsive learning environment in which children can thrive. In this month’s newsletter, we will explore a few strategies that teachers can implement that can support the development of the whole child. As we head into 2024, take some time to reflect (independently and as a team) on how well your program integrates these strategies into daily interactions and work together to address any gaps you uncover.

Best wishes in the New Year!

The CCEI Team


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