What is ChildCare Education Institute’s (CCEI’s) refund policy?


  • A Student may at any time, prior to their program end date, request withdrawal from their certificate course of study.  The “Effective Date of Termination” will be the date that the student notifies CCEI, and receives a confirmation of notification, that they want to withdraw from the program.  CCEI requires students to complete an Official Withdrawal Notification Form (available in the Appendix section of this Handbook and in the Student Resource Center), for withdrawal processing to occur, but the “Effective Date of Termination” will be the date of first confirmed notification.  Receipt by CCEI of such Official Withdrawal Notification Form may be by means of facsimile, e-mail or postal mail.  Student acknowledges that he/she is responsible for obtaining confirmation of withdrawal notification and receipt of form.
  • Students who withdraw within 5 days (considered the ‘grace period’) of enrollment and who have completed less than 1% of the Program will receive a full refund of Tuition Cost and Application Fees.
  • Students who withdraw after the grace period or who have completed at least 1% of their Program, will be eligible for refunds based on the following chart. The chart shows the percent of Tuition Cost to which Student will be entitled based on number of days of enrollment in the Program (calculated from the Effective Date of Termination) or the percentage of completion of the coursework completed prior to the Effective Date of Termination.  Such refund amount will be calculated based on the higher of percentage days completed or percentage coursework completed.  (For example, if Student has been enrolled in the Program for 4% of the allowable days prior to termination and has completed 20% of the Program, the 20% figure will be used to calculate the refund.  If Student has been enrolled in the Program for 30% of the allowable days and has completed 15% of the Program, the 30% figure will be used.)
Enrollment% of Program% of Tuition Cost
PeriodCompletionRefunded or Abated
Less than 5% of allowable daysLess than 5%95%
5-10% of allowable days5-10%90%
10-25% of allowable days10-25%75%
26-50% of allowable days26-50%50%
Over 50% of allowable daysOver 50%0%
  • CCEI will refund any Tuition Costs to which Student is entitled and for which it has received payment from student within 30 days from the receipt of the Official Withdrawal Notification Form.
  • If Student is unable to complete a Program because of a cancellation or material change in the Program by CCEI, CCEI will use reasonable efforts to make accommodation to allow Student to complete the Program.  If CCEI is unable to provide a means for completion of the Program to Student, then within 30 days of the date of determination by CCEI that it will be unable to allow Student to complete the Program, CCEI will refund all Program Costs it has received from Student.


ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) has established the following refund policy for Online Professional Development Courses, Block Hours and Individual and Center Based Subscriptions:

  • Professional development courses, block hour purchases, and subscriptions (individual or center-based) are eligible for refunds within five (5) days of purchase IF no courses have been accessed.  Otherwise, no refunds will be issued.
  • Any violation of the F.A.M.E. or Subscription Terms and Agreement will result in immediate cancellation access and no refunds will be given.


ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) has established the following refund policy for Pinnacle Curriculum Products:

Pinnacle Curriculum customers may request refunds for Pinnacle products, for up to five (5) days after receipt of the product.  Only Pinnacle products that are in new, unopened condition are eligible to receive a refund.  A 10% restocking fee applies to all eligible Pinnacle returns