February 2020 Newsletter – Supporting Child Development: Tasks within the Daily Routine

Consider how the following elements of the daily routine can promote children’s development:

  • Meals and snacks – Children learn healthy eating habits when caregivers provide healthy meals and snacks. They also learn about the characteristics of a variety of food items.
  • Setting up for naptime – Getting children involved in setting up for naptime promotes independence, communication skills, and physical development.
  • Diapering – Diapering is a time for you to engage in one-on-one conversations with young children. These moments help you establishing a trusting and supportive relationship with each child. You can sing songs that introduce new language or discuss body parts and characteristics of items within the child’s line of sight.
  • Handwashing – In addition to reducing the spread of disease, handwashing promotes independence, direction following skills, and establishes a healthy self-care habit for life.
  • Completing daily reports – Daily reports are tools for building relationships with families and sharing ways they can extend learning at home.
  • Cleaning toys – Clean toys decrease the number of illnesses in the environment. When children are included in the toy cleaning process, they have the chance to practice skills across all areas of development.
  • Large group times – Group meetings are a great time for children to develop a sense of belonging and build language and communication skills.

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