February 2020 Newsletter – Supporting Child Development: Tasks within the Physical Environment

Consider how the following tasks can promote children’s development:

  • Rearranging furniture – Room arrangement should evolve with the needs and interests of the children. Proper room arrangement supports child engagement and the development of independence. Well organized classrooms help children focus on tasks and encourage children to make choices.
  • Cleaning the bathrooms – Clean bathrooms cut down on the spread of germs and prevent injury so that children remain healthy and able to participate in the program on a consistent basis.
  • Taking out the trash – In addition to the sanitary benefits, taking out the trash creates a pleasant learning environment that shows respect for children.
  • Wiping tables – Cleaning surfaces is a good way to teach children about germs. They can also participate in the daily chore of wiping the tables with soapy water (not sanitizer), which promotes responsibility.
  • Conducting an inventory of materials – Taking inventory will alert you to any materials that may be missing or broken. You can then determine the best way to replace those materials so that children can take advantage of the learning opportunities the materials provide.
  • Inspecting the playground – Playground inspections keep everyone safe so that children can establish healthy physical activity habits at an early age.
  • Creating displays and bulletin boards – Displays showcase children’s work and promote a sense of community spirit and pride.

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