February 2020 Student Spotlight – Donna Montemarano

This past month, I earned my Infant/Toddler CDA credential. It is quite an accomplishment and I am very proud. I completed the on-line coursework from CCEI. I learned valuable information to use in and out of the classroom. I highly recommend the program! I could go on the computer anytime to do my work. I liked the flexibility, materials, videos and quality of the courses. I had an excellent education coach who was so supportive, informative and guided me through the start of my program till the end of my course. I am very inspired to continue my work in early childhood development.  I will continue to do my Professional Development courses from CCEI.

I live in Edison, New Jersey. I have an Associate Degree in Applied Science. I am married and have joyous memories of raising my children. As a family, we celebrated the seasons, art, literature, nature, and music. I volunteered to read to my children’s classes, participated in multicultural nights, chaperoned class trips, and enjoyed these activities very much. Watching my children learn, discover, and explore motivated me to work with children. I loved their questions, curiosity, and laughter. I work as a Head Teacher for mobile infants ages 12-18 months. It is an amazing stage of development that I am fascinated with. I really enjoy my connection with the families. They share special stories of their child at home and I share my stories of their child in the classroom. This feedback is so important as I am an active listener. Parents appreciate this very much.

My science background trained me to develop my attention to detail and observation skills. My parenting years have led me to my career path. My years of raising my children inspired me and motivated me to appreciate and recognize all the wonderful and critical stages of early childhood development.  I read books to my children starting in infancy and I strongly believe this is so important for child development. Spoken words connected with visual images, voices, holding the child, eye-contact and tactile all contribute to a child’s development.  In the future, I would love to write a children’s book.