February 2021 Newsletter: Taking Advantage of Teachable Moments – Teachable Moments with Coworkers

Members of leadership are in an excellent position to use teachable moments to combat the we-have-always-done-it-this-way mentality. Using performance evaluation tools, leaders can identify areas or times of day when providers struggle most. They can then position themselves in classrooms during those times to look for and translate teachable moments into changes in teacher behavior.

The process is the same for adults as it is for children, watch, identify, ask questions, discuss, and make a plan to do things differently in the future.

Most teacher development occurs on the job, long after teachers leave their classrooms. Teachable moments can come in the form of positive recognition for a job well done, or quick suggestions for adjustments that leaders notice as they move through the building. Sometimes, teachable moments occur as a result of something more serious, such as a child injury. These teachable moments are vital to the future health and safety of children and must be addressed effectively.

You don’t have to be a member of leadership or a coach to take advantage of teachable moments with your coworkers. If everyone is on the same page about the value of these precious moments, anyone on the team can identify and promote teachable moments that arise in the learning environment.

Be sure to share this information about the value of teachable moments for everyone involved in the program. Commit to being open to seeing teachable moments with children, families, and other team members. Work with your team to come up with a plan to capitalize on as many teachable moments as possible.

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