February 2021 Newsletter: Taking Advantage of Teachable Moments – Teachable Moments with Families

Opportunities for teachable moments with families won’t be as abundant as they are with children due to the small amount of time teachers and families spend together. But that does not mean that teachable moments don’t exist.

How you speak to children when they arrive and depart can be teachable moments for family members on how to have meaningful interactions with children. Prompting a child to use a self-calming strategy when they are upset during drop-off can also be a teachable moment for family members.

Teachable moments can also occur during family-teacher conferences, as teachers prompt families to think differently about their children’s behaviors or teach them simple strategies to promote learning at home. Look for opportunities for teachable moments with families during community events, family carnivals, and when family members volunteer in your learning environment.

It’s also possible to modify the idea of a teachable moment a bit by sharing information on a phone call about how you handled a challenging behavior with a child.  Notes home can also fulfill this modified purpose.

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