February 2022 Student Spotlight – Dawn Tomisk

February 2022 Student Spotlight – Dawn Tomisk

During the time when my oldest daughter attended a daycare, I would always find myself taking her early so I could interact with her and the other children. The same thing would happen at pick up time. I would find myself interacting with the children that were still there.   I loved doing it so much that the teacher would complete her closing checklist while I read to them. I found myself bringing hand puppets to use while I read.  This was the time when I began to realize the passion I had for this field.

What I enjoy most about my job and educating young children is knowing I hold a huge part in preparing them for the big world they are soon going to enter.  I’m always finding myself searching for new things and new ways to teach them.  Should I be out shopping, and come across something really cool, I think about which of my little friends would love this item.  In addition to this, instead of reading a novel or watching TV, I am most happy taking a course or reading an article regarding any topic of young children.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking courses with ChildCare Education Institute. I was very hesitant in the beginning due to everything involved – any type of communication needed, actually taking each course, possible technical issue, just to name a few concerns.  After I enrolled in my first course, I couldn’t believe how easy it was!  I thought to myself, that was easy!  Now what about the remaining steps?  I worried for nothing!  I couldn’t believe how smooth everything went. Because I was taking these courses in the privacy of my home and running my licensed preschool from my home, I had to stop and start quite often.  Each time I signed on and went back into the course I was working on at the time, it took me right where I left off.  The format of each course was extremely well written and had my very busy schedule in mind for sure.  Navigating through the system was a breeze. Every worry I had was gone after the first course.

If I were to be asked “What I love most about taking courses with CCEI”, I would have to say the support I had from my education coach.  She was a HUGE asset to me throughout the entire process of obtaining my CDA certification training. Any time I had a question and sent an email, she responded within a very short time.  At times, I felt as if she was my personal coach and had no other students.  That’s how responsive she was.  I can’t begin to say how much I appreciated her from the beginning.

With taking the necessary courses to complete my CDA certification training, this has opened many doors for me.  These completed courses I have taken have given me the knowledge to be the best possible provider to my little friends.  They have given me many many ah-ha moments that have opened my eyes to better understanding the minds of  these “little humans”.  I completely appreciated and learned a great deal from the “Try This” portion of every course. This section gave me the hands on experience I needed to get that “light bulb turned on” moment.

I am excited to take my next step with my career and will be sure to have CCEI be a huge part of my growth. Thank you, CCEI.  And thank you to my amazing coach for supporting for me throughout the entire process.