February 2024 Newsletter – Tech Skills for Children

Tech Skills for Children

The world we live in is increasingly becoming a digital world. Possessing technical skills and knowledge is becoming a requisite just to navigate many daily routines. Teaching technology skills to children has become a necessity and has begun to be incorporated into curriculum and early learning standards for students across all age groups.

Introducing the basics of computer science, computational thinking skills, and coding to preschoolers can seem daunting. However, these important skills can be taught using methods that are familiar to both teachers and students, without devices or any screen time at all.  These beneficial concepts and skills can be taught in an “unplugged” manner, that will lay a foundation for more technical learning down the road.

In this month’s newsletter, we will look at the benefits of promoting computational thinking and explore ways to introduce related foundational skills to young children. We will also examine ways that teachers can build confidence when engaging in these activities. With this information, teachers will be better prepared to help children navigate and understand their digital world.


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