In a Digital Word, Teaching Tech Skills to Younger Children is a Requisite

Technology changes at an incredible pace. New technology emerges daily and involves almost every aspect of our daily routines. Our preschoolers have been born into this new digital world and are exposed to this technology before they even make it into our classrooms. As preschool educators, we are tasked with teaching them how to make their way in their world. This now includes teaching children as young as preschoolers the new tech skills the world requires.

Learning computer science, how to code and the computational thinking skills associated with it is of great benefit to our young students. These skills help develop and foster problem-solving skills, logical thinking, social-emotional skills, and many others that translate directly into every other portion of our curriculum. The concepts learned and skills developed will help our students later learn more difficult and sophisticated programming and coding.

Why is it important for our preschoolers to learn programming and coding? Not only do we need to teach them about the technology they use daily, but how to use it and how to make it work. Preschool educators have to lay the foundation of knowledge for the workforce of tomorrow. Many of the jobs of today and the jobs of the future require computer science knowledge. Jobs in all fields are becoming very technical and require varying degrees of knowledge in computer science. We are charged with preparing our young children for this digital future.

Here are some resources to explore that examine the skills and jobs of the future (good luck finding one that doesn’t require a solid computer science foundation):

As the world around us changes, so must our curriculum. We have to teach our students all of the skills that the world they live in requires. Computer science has become one of those requirements. Technology and how to make it work can be intimidating if we are not knowledgeable in these areas. Developing these skills and knowledge of the concepts of computer science must begin in preschool. Ensuring that today’s preschoolers begin learning and attaining this knowledge so that they can confidently navigate through their digital world has become a requisite.

Best of luck!