January 2019 Newsletter – Continuous Quality Improvement: Benefits of Continuous Quality Improvement

In early childhood, engaging in quality improvement has many benefits.  When educators work to make continual improvements to their programs, the following benefits become possible: 

  • Safer environments for children
  • More efficient procedures
  • Consistent implementation of program practices
  • Children’s needs (in all areas of development)are met
  • Richer learning experiences for children
  • Engaged, empowered, and satisfied staff
  • Lower rates of staff turnover, creating consistency for children, families, and coworkers
  • Team cohesion
  • The development of a culture of continuous improvement
  • Satisfied families and increased length of stay
  • Increased word-of-mouth marketing
  • Higher enrollment numbers
  • Improved standing and recognition in the community
  • Increased revenue

It is critical that everyone involved in CQI understands the benefits of the efforts being made.  When you understand the underlying benefits, the work gains new meaning and value.  Rather than becoming yet another task to complete, you can recognize (or remind yourself of) the benefits to children, families, and coworkers, and generate the energy needed to move forward.

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