January 2021 Newsletter – Stress Reduction in the New Year

The past year has been challenging – both professionally and personally, for those of us in the field of early childhood education. 2020 brought us the COVID-19 pandemic, instances of racial injustice, and political theater unlike any other year in recent memory.  As always, we have adapted, learned, and found different ways to persevere in the face of unprecedented circumstances.  Throughout the year, we at CCEI have endeavored to provide the child care workforce with strategies and resources to ensure that you were able to maintain high-quality standards of care for the children and families enrolled in your programs. Looking back, we have covered many topics that were not necessarily part of our original plan for the 2020 newsletter publications. These topics included:

In this New Year, we can look back on the many opportunities that 2020 provided with a sense of optimism and a positive outlook. We made it through 2020! And while 2021 will continue to test us, we are better prepared to meet these challenges with the tools we have learned.

In this month’s newsletter, we will examine ways that we can create calm, nurturing, and safe spaces for the children and adults we work with on a daily basis.  Be sure to check out the past issues of the CCEI newsletter for any information you may have missed during the past year.

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