January 2022 Newsletter – Resources for the New Year: Learning Trajectories for Teaching Math Skills

Learning Trajectories for Teaching Math Skills

Within any group of children there will be a slight variation in skills and abilities. It is the early childhood educator’s role to observe children, identify their existing levels of development, and provide individualized support to move children along their unique developmental paths.  Teaching all children the same skill at the same time is not always the best option, especially when it comes to math and language skills.

Occasionally, challenges arise in deciding which skills to introduce next. An excellent resource to help teachers make decisions about how best to introduce math skills is called Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories.

This website provides tons of information defining specific math skills, how children progress from one skill to the next, and activity ideas to support children’s learning. The site includes videos that illustrate math skills in action.  Here are some of the skills you can learn more about:

  • Counting
  • Subitizing
  • Comparing numbers
  • Patterns
  • Recognizing 2D and 3D shapes
  • Measuring length and volume
  • Spatial visualization and orientation
  • And many more

Each category is broken down even further, pinpointing the subskills that are necessary to master the skill. Resources for teachers and parents are included as well as information on inclusion and suggested materials for teaching math. There are even a number of online games that you can explore with the children in your care.

Be sure to visit the site to explore this valuable resource for teaching math skills to children through grade 3.

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