January 2023 Newsletter – Healthy Living in the New Year: Resolutions for a Healthy Spirit

Resolutions for a Healthy Spirit

The purpose of this list is to provide ideas – not every idea will resonate with every person and that is okay. Maybe something on the list will spark an idea that resonates with your interests and abilities.

Most importantly, recognize that the activities and practices that rejuvenate your spirit are unique to you.  People enjoy different activities that inspire awe and wonder and a connection to something greater. Don’t expect every activity or practice to work for you. It’s okay for some experiences to be enjoyable, but not spirit rejuvenating. Stay open to different ideas and you will find the things that make your spirit smile.

Spend some time in nature. Face the sun for 1 minute – you don’t need to go on a 5-mile hike unless you want to. Sit on a bench to eat your lunch. Visit the ocean, the mountains, the desert, a pond, or a park.

Seek connection. Seek out a group of people with similar interests. You may want to join a choral group to share your voice with others. Perhaps you admire a colleague and ask them to be your mentor. Maybe a community group plays the same online game you play. Meditation groups meet regularly in many communities. Look for online options in your area if concerns about COVID-19 are prevalent in your community.

Explore a hobby. Lots of us think we don’t have time for a hobby, but between time spent on the phone or watching television, most people can probably find 30 minutes a week or 10 minutes a day to explore a new hobby. For some, this sounds intimidating. Many people feel like they have to be good at a skill before they have even practiced it. You may not paint like Monet, but you can get lost in the sensation of mixing and moving paint on a canvas. What it looks like in the end is not important – You are not doing this for profit – you are doing it for the process!

Attend a concert or performance. It could be your favorite band or musician or someone you have never heard before. Identify a local dance company to support. Find a coffee shop with an open mic night, spoken word event, comedy show, or storytelling competition. You don’t have to participate, just soak it all in, broaden your perspective and feed your spirit!

Volunteer. We are all busy, but the benefits of volunteering are well-documented.  Online services such as VolunteerMatch.com help people find volunteer opportunities in the community that align with their interests and time constraints.

Connect with animals. Even if you don’t consider yourself an animal person, spending time scratching a cat behind the ears or observing fish in a fish tank can provide periods of present-moment awareness that is so good for the spirit. Check into local animal shelters or rescue operations that may need volunteers in your community.

Organize. Take on that closet and donate items you no longer wear. Dump the Everything Drawer and organize all those spare batteries, lanyards, pens, and paperclips. Declutter your pantry, removing all of those processed foods. There is a lightness that grows from an organized environment.

Re-establish connections. Have you ever wondered how your college roommate is doing? Whatever happened to that teacher who made an impact on your life? Reach out to loved ones and friends you have not spoken to in some time. Send greeting cards or messages on social media. Let others know when you are thinking of them.

Identify your signs of stress. Everyone reacts to stress differently and some folks may not even be aware of it. Some hold it on their muscles, others withdraw, and others consume. These can be signs that you are experiencing stress and may need an outlet or practice to reduce stress in your life.

Take more deep breaths. Yep… more!


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