January 2023 Newsletter – Healthy Living in the New Year

Healthy Living in the New Year

As we begin another collective trip around the sun, many of us will take time to reflect on the status of our lives. This reflection often focuses on improvements that we would like to make to how we are experiencing life. There is a lot of pressure to create meaningful resolutions and stick to them… and we know how that usually turns out!

The whole idea that it is a new year and you can create a new you is filled with pressure and unrealistic expectations. Change is challenging – recreating yourself takes more time, effort, and attention than most of us have to spare after working and caring for loved ones. The commitment it takes to stick with a resolution can wane quickly if the goal is not fully aligned with our values and resources.

Sticking to resolutions is possible, especially when the resolutions are realistic.

Think about how you would talk with a parent of a 2-year-old who wants their child to write their name. You would likely agree that writing is an important skill. You would skillfully describe everything that you are doing in your learning environment to promote the development of the skills required to reach that goal. You would also recognize that this skill is likely far beyond the child’s current capabilities while knowing that they will get there with time, practice, and effort.

As you think about what you would like to see for yourself in the New Year, consider how the idea of developmentally appropriate expectations can be applied to your goal setting. Consider the skills you currently have, your established patterns and habits, and the supports and resources at your disposal. Then consider your goal. Identify the gaps that may need to be bridged to achieve your goals. Perhaps those skills are your goals for 2023?

Maybe, instead of a goal or resolution to change, you pick a word or value that you would like to embody throughout 2023. This practice requires less disruption to your current routine, while still allowing you to align your actions to your values. Your word could be anything that resonates with you, and when you land on the right word it will feel very comfortable. You could pick any word; here are some examples:

  • Joy
  • Initiative
  • Peace
  • Speak up
  • Love
  • Commit
  • Move
  • Stay true
  • Forgive

Click here to visit a Word of the Year generator.

This month’s newsletter will provide ideas for entering 2023 with a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Whether you decide to set a big goal, work toward small goals, or pick a meaningful word to embody, we wish you all the best in the coming year!


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