July 2021 Newsletter – Exploring Leadership

If you have spent any time living and working among others, you have probably found yourself in a situation with a group of people wondering, “Who is in charge here?”.  In these situations we attempt to identify the people we assume would (or should) take on the leadership role(s), often without realizing that others in the group may be looking to us to be that leader.

In a traditional sense, leadership comes with a title.  The director is the leader of the program.  The supervisor is the leader of the team. The teacher is the leader in the classroom.

But in a real-world sense, leaders are everywhere, at every level of every organization, with and without designated titles. Children can be leaders in the classroom, assistant teachers can be leaders at staff meetings, and individuals new to the field can be leaders during advocacy events.  It is for this reason that experts across many fields promote the development of leadership skills, regardless of title or position.

In this month’s newsletter and blog, we will dig into different aspects of leadership, including how to develop it in ourselves, our teams, and the children in our care.

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