July 2021 Student Spotlight – Shalini Tyagi

My career in early childhood education began when my son started going to Montessori school.  I loved the environment and the methods used and decided to do a Montessori certification.  My love for children and their learning and growth also helped me make the decision to pursue early childhood education as a career.

My favorite time of the day is circle time where all the children are sitting together and participating in different activities. They get involved and ask questions and it’s a lot of fun.  I love it!  Sometimes, they would ask me to read their favorite books for them.  The children love to play outside and explore the environment especially during the spring season when we do gardening projects, they love to water their plants and watch them grow.  Helping children learn and grow is the most rewarding for me. Their endless energy and curiosity amaze me and motivates me.  I love children and interacting with them, answering their questions.  I enjoy seeing them learn and grow.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado.  In my free time, I love to go shopping, having coffee with friends, reading books, and gardening.  I would like to own and run my own school in the future and continue to pursue an education that is relevant for my career growth.

I completed the Director’s Certificate with ChildCare Education Institute and I have already recommended the program to a friend from the education field.  It was a great experience working at my own pace and the curriculum was very helpful to my current and future career goals.  I would love to take additional courses with CCEI that I know will help with my career advancement in the near future.