July 2022 Newsletter – Community Building: Building Community with Families

Here are just a few ways that programs can build a sense of community with families:

  • Common goals
    • Collaborate with families to identify learning and development goals that are appropriate for children. Share activities that can be done at home.
    • Hold contests and other friendly competitions between classrooms in which families can participate.
    • Identify opportunities for families to advocate for ECE initiatives alongside staff members.
  • Freedom of expression
    • Collect feedback from families on a regular basis through anonymous satisfaction surveys.
    • Create an open door policy that encourages regular feedback – both positive and constructive.
    • Show genuine appreciation for families’ concerns – they are an opportunity for growth.
  • Address member concerns with sensitivity
    • Maintain confidentiality with families at all times.
    • Acknowledge concerns with empathy.
    • Respond to concerns in a timely manner.
    • Follow up with families after an incident to ensure it was handled in a satisfactory manner.
  • Set clear policies and obligations
    • Ensure families receive a copy of the programs policies and procedures.
    • Provide reminders of policies in newsletters and other forms of communication.
  • Fairness
    • Ensure policies are enforced evenly.
    • Offer opportunities to all families equally.
    • Ask families to provide feedback on certain program decisions.
  • Celebrate heritage and traditions
    • Periodically pick one family to highlight in a program-wide communication. Publish an article that explores the family’s culture and traditions.
    • Invite families to share stories, music, food, hobbies, occupations, celebrations, and traditions with their child’s class.
    • Encourage families to create “All About Us” books that can be put in the class library. Highlight one book each week in the lobby for everyone to see.
    • Reflect diversity in displays and materials available in the building and field trip locations you visit.
  • Promote interactions among members
    • Identify families who will welcome and build connections with newly enrolled families.
    • Host frequent family events and family/teacher conferences at different times of day.
    • Open up professional development events to families.
    • Invite families to volunteer in a variety of ways.
    • Allow families to place business cards on a community board to share their services with others.
  • Elect leaders that stand by community values
    • Invite families to participate in the family committee. Encourage them to take on leadership positions within the group. They can also take the lead on event planning initiatives.
    • Review the program’s philosophy and mission statement at the beginning of each family committee meeting to ensure all topics covered align with the program’s values.
  • Prioritize effective communication
    • Use multiple forms of communication to share information with families, including digital options.
    • Listen and ask lots of questions when addressing families.
    • Utilize a translator if necessary.
  • Make smart decisions
    • Recognize situations that require deeper investigation and gather as much information as possible from everyone involved before acting on a solution.
    • Provide resources and information that families need to make the best decisions for their children.


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