July 2023 Newsletter – Child Assessment: Making Program Improvements

Making Program Improvements

Assessment results can also be used to make improvements to the overall program.  In some cases, assessment data will tell you that assessment practices require enhancements.

For example, if a teacher is regularly unable to answer questions about how children are developing, it may indicate that the assessment tools are not adequate. Perhaps the existing assessment tools only focus on 1 or 2 areas of child development and do not provide a full picture of how children are developing. In this case, revisions or additions to the assessment tools used will be required.

It could also mean that the teacher requires more training or support in collecting and analyzing assessment data. In this case, courses on assessment like the ones provided by CCEI may be helpful. In addition, teachers may benefit from being match with a mentor who can provide strategies for collecting, organizing, and reviewing assessment data.

In the case where multiple teachers have difficulty with the assessment process, it may be appropriate to schedule program-wide professional development and coaching to improve skills across the board.  In this case, the program could set up a multi-pronged approach that includes training and coaching over a period of 6 months. This would allow teachers of all levels to develop new skills.

Assessment data can also help program staff determine potential enhancements that could be made to the overall program.  For example, if most of the three year olds in a program are not demonstrating expected math skills, it should prompt program staff to reflect on the math materials that are available in the classroom. It is possible that the math materials are not adequate or appropriate for the children in the group.  It may also be necessary to add more intentional math instruction to the weekly lesson plan to ensure children are exposed to developmentally appropriate early math experiences.

Program leadership should set aside time throughout the school year to reflect on what the assessment data is saying at a child, classroom, and program level.


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