July 2023 Student Spotlight – Roopdai Arti Gangoo


My name is Roopdai Arti Gangoo.  I began my career in Early Childhood Education after taking up residence in Riverview, Florida two years ago.  Having served as a dedicated and proud Primary School Teacher in Guyana for a commendable span of over three decades, I have acquired a wealth of practical experience, diligently tending to the educational needs of diverse young minds within urban and rural communities. This invaluable exposure has fortified my dedication for guiding children from varied economic, cognitive, social, emotional, and cultural backgrounds.

Upon immigrating, I was resolute in my unwavering pursuit to continue imparting knowledge. While the requisite credentials (Bachelor’s Degree) eluded me for venturing into the domain of elementary school education, I embraced the path of a preschool teacher with steadfast commitment and zeal. It is a choice I hold dear to my heart, as it allows me to nurture and mold young minds during their formative years—a responsibility I approach with utmost dedication and reverence.  In my free time, what I enjoy most is just relaxing and spending quality time with my family and friends.  We go on short trips or shopping. I like reading fiction and watching movies.

My favorite time of day to spend with the children is during circle time in the morning. It is the time when we come together as a group, engage in songs, stories, and discussions as children freely share their experiences, that sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Having worked with preschools for over two years, I observed that the children’s preferred time of day is usually during free play or outdoor playtime. They freely (within their boundary) explore, interact and engage in imaginative and physical activities with their peers. Being a part of children’s cognitive, social, emotional and even physical developmental journey is most rewarding. Their genuine excitement of learning new things, the expressions on their faces and in their eyes when they are relating experiences or they comprehend a new concept are truly remarkable. It brings me great joy and gives the most fulfilling rewards to see children are simply learning and are anxious to go on learning, developing their numerical, literacy, comprehensive and empathic skills.

Reflecting upon my career transition and the path I have chosen, I can confidently affirm that I harbor no regrets. The joy and fulfillment derived from my work in the preschool setting have only deepened my passion for early childhood education. Each day brings new opportunities to ignite the spark of learning, foster growth, and instill the foundation for a lifelong love of education within the hearts of my young learners.  I love children and I am stimulated to work with children because I believe in the immense potential they possess.  Being actively involved in their growth, curiosity, and delight as they learn and develop new skills is extremely intriguing, hence, I positioned myself at every opportunity to make a positive impact on their lives during their formative years.

Determination to forge ahead, I have recently completed my Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential. While I specifically selected the Preschool Setting, the program was thoughtfully designed to ensure that every participant becomes well-versed in each setting. The CDA Credential stands as a widely esteemed certification, universally recognized in the field of early childhood education. Its purpose is to equip individuals with the indispensable knowledge and skills necessary for nurturing young children.

The online CDA program I pursued through ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) offered self-paced courses, granting me the freedom to embark on my educational journey at my own convenience, unrestricted by time or schedule. This remarkable flexibility caters to individuals with various commitments or a preference for autonomous learning, even during the late hours of the night. The program encompassed a comprehensive array of pivotal subjects, ranging from child development and early education to health and safety protocols, as well as cultivating harmonious relationships with both children and families.

Through CCEI’s online immersive CDA certification training curriculum, the program provided me with a solid foundation in understanding the principles of child development and implementing developmentally appropriate practices within my professional environment. Earning a CDA Credential holds immense benefits for individuals in their current roles and their careers in early childhood education. It serves as a tangible demonstration of one’s commitment to professionalism and a steadfast dedication to delivering quality care for young children. Moreover, possessing a CDA Credential opens doors to numerous opportunities for career advancement, higher salaries, and increased job prospects.

I have just successfully completed the necessary requirements and I am awaiting my CDA Credential to be issued by the Council of Professional Recognition. Being a part of this program was a momentous achievement in my career, authenticating my knowledge and skills in providing quality care and education to young children.  I feel very accomplished having completed the comprehensive and high-quality coursework offered by CCEI, and I am committed to continue increasing my knowledge and skills by enrolling in additional CCEI courses and gaining additional credentials to enhance my professional development.

I see myself continuing to grow in the field of Early Childhood Education. I aspire to take on leadership roles, such as becoming a Curriculum Specialist or a Director. To achieve this, I must pursue further professional development opportunities to stay updated with the latest research and best practices.  I believe that continuous education is essential for personal and professional growth and will enable me to provide the best possible care and education to young children, therefore, pursuing higher education in the field of Early Childhood Education is necessary.

Buoyed by my recent accomplishment, I find myself motivated to explore further educational avenues in the field of Early Childhood Education. Contemplating the prospect of delving into curriculum and assessment, I am eager to expand my knowledge and expertise, enhancing my ability to create enriching learning experiences for the children under my care. The presence of my Educational Coach is a testament to CCEI’s commitment to offering a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.  In addition to her vast knowledge, my Educational Coach serves as a source of encouragement and motivation. She understands the challenges and obstacles that participants may encounter throughout their educational journey and offers unwavering support to help them overcome these hurdles. Her positive and uplifting approach fosters a sense of confidence and determination among her students, inspiring them to push beyond their limits and achieve their full potential.  Her expertise, encouragement, and accessibility make her an invaluable asset, allowing students to thrive in our studies and grow both personally and professionally in the field of early childhood education.

While I strongly recommend conducting diligent research when considering any CDA program, including thoroughly vetting providers, perusing reviews and testimonials, and ensuring the program aligns with your unique needs and requirements, I am confident that the path will inevitably lead to success with ChildCare Education Institute.  Enrolling in the program was a simple and hassle-free process, facilitated with clear instructions. This simplicity ensures that individuals can quickly and efficiently begin their educational pursuit towards earning the esteemed CDA Credential.  I highly recommend CCEI to individuals seeking professional development training in the field of Early Childhood Education. The courses are comprehensive, appropriate, and provide beneficial perceptions and approaches suitable for working with young children.