June 2018 Newsletter – Sensory Experiences: Infant & Toddler Activity Ideas

Here are a few ideas that would be appropriate to add to an infant or toddler environment:

  • Sound board – Place materials that make different sounds onto a mat or board. Encourage children to explore the different sounds that materials make. This is a great way to recycle old pots and pans and can be mounted to a playground fence as well.
  • Gel Bags – Double bag or use tape to seal zipper baggies. Fill the bags with different colored hair gel. You can add sequins, glitter, or other small items to the bags.  Tape to the floor or wall at the children’s level.
  • Scent dough – Add non-toxic essential oils to homemade dough recipes.
  • Sensory bottles – Mix water, oil, and various items into recycled plastic bottles. Superglue the lids in place.  Encourage children to shake, role, and tilt the bottles.
  • Adhesive play – Place a sheet of two-sided adhesive paper on a cabinet or tray. Provide children with a variety of items to stick to/remove from the paper.  The same can be accomplished with Velcro.
  • Texture wall – Place items with a variety of textures to a wall, board, or cabinet. Think of using different fabrics such as felt, velour, burlap, mesh, etc.
  • Explore ice – Add large chunks of ice to the sensory bin on a warm day for some cool fun.
  • Open and close – Recycle diaper wipe lids. Attach them to a tray or board.  Hid stickers or textured items under each lid.  Encourage children to open the lids to see what’s inside.
  • Sound bottles – Place a variety of small items, bells, beans, etc. into recycled plastic bottles to create a few homemade shakers.
  • Sorting bin – provide a bin full of pom-poms, figurines, and other items that do not pose a choking hazard. Encourage children to sort the items by color, size, or shape.

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As always, be sure to closely supervise young children as they explore sensory materials. They will often explore materials with their mouths in addition to their hands.


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