June 2018 Newsletter – Sensory Experiences: Preschool Activity Ideas

Here are a few ideas that would be appropriate to add to a preschool environment:

  • Mystery box – Make from a shoebox or tissue box; place a new item in it each day and ask children to explore with their sense of touch to identify the item.
  • Water wall – Work with children to construct a water wall using bins, funnels, water wheels, and pipes.
  • Mud kitchen – Designate a corner of your playground as a mud kitchen. Collect used kitchen tools and bakeware for children to use.
  • Color mixing – Allow children to explore how colors mix, using water/food coloring or paints.  Younger children can explore color mixing using finger paints or with paint places in zipper baggies.
  • I-Spy bottles – Place small plastic items into recycled plastic bottles along with dry pasta or rice. Challenge children to find specific items, or to find items that start with a particular letter of the alphabet.
  • Nature sculptures – Provide a variety of items from nature and clay. Encourage children to create sculptures and other original works of art.
  • Yarn play – Add yarn and straws of different lengths to the sensory table.
  • Light table – If you are unable to purchase a light table, you can create a similar effect using a clear storage container and a few strands of white lights. Try using strands of multi-colored lights for added interest.
  • Scent jars – Place a small amount of spice or scented material into containers with a piece of fabric secured under the lid. Poke a few holes in the lid before attaching it to the container.  The ideas is for the scent to be able to escape – but not the material.  Encourage children to explore the different scents.
  • Salt or sand writing – Provide children with a tray and an amount of salt or sand that covers the bottom of the tray.  Encourage children to make shapes and letters in the sand or salt.
  • New foods – Explore new foods on a regular basis. Before tasting the foods, encourage children to look at, feel, smell, and listen to the food item.
  • Texture blocks – Add sandpaper, felt, and other textures to the blocks in the construction area to add a sensory opportunity as children build.

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