June 2018 Newsletter – Sensory Experiences: School-Age Activity Ideas

Here are a few ideas that would be appropriate to add to a school age environment:

  • Cooking activities – Introduce new, heathy ingredients into your recipes to reinforce healthy eating.
  • Science experiments – incorporate weekly science experiments. Conduct the experiments several times during the week.  Encourage children to make alterations to the methods of the experiments, make hypotheses, observe the results, and collect data.
  • Origami – Provide children with paper and instructions for folding origami figures.
  • Knitting, crochet, or sewing – Provide materials for these crafts as children’s fine motor skills improve.
  • Homemade instruments – Provide an opportunity for children to explore the sounds that instruments from around the world make. Encourage children to try to design and create their own versions of those instruments using recycled materials.
  • Emotional painting – Encourage children to match their painting style to their current mood.
  • Gardening – There are many opportunities to use our senses when planting a garden.
  • Texture scavenger hunts – Give children a list of textures and challenge children to find items while on a nature walk.

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