June 2019 Newsletter – Advocacy in Early Childhood Education: Advocacy Opportunities in ECE

There are many opportunities for advocacy that relate to the field of ECE, and while some are large national initiatives, there are also causes that relate directly to individual states and communities.  Below is a list of initiatives related to our field that may inspire you to get involved in advocacy:

  • Universal child care – so every child is guaranteed a high-quality experience that doesn’t cause financial hardship for families
  • Quality improvement – to ensure programs are held to the highest standards of quality
  • Expansion of current levels of subsidized care – to provide more access to care for families in need
  • Worthy wages – to ensure teachers are paid fair wages for the work they do
  • Policy and regulation changes – to create licensing regulations and policies that ensure safety and quality
  • Expansion of access to community services – so families have the resources they need to care for children at home
  • Early childhood mental health – to create services and access for families
  • Health and safety initiatives – for safer community spaces
  • Child abuse and neglect – to ensure children’s well-being
  • Anti-bullying – so children feel safe at school, at home, and online
  • Inclusion – to provide access to special education for children who have been diagnosed with disabilities
  • Early literacy/Reading  – so families are aware of the importance of reading to children each day
  • SIDS/Shaken Baby Syndrome – to educate parents on creating safe home environments for infants
  • Family engagement – so that every family feels valued, regardless of their makeup        
  • Diversity – to ensure access to services for all children
  • Play – to raise awareness of the value of play and developmentally appropriate practices
  • Nature – to educate parents and the public of the need to safe nature experiences and spaces for children

This is just a short list of issues related to ECE.  What is your favorite advocacy issue?  Tell us on our Facebook page here.

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