June 2020 Newsletter – Preparing Children and Families for the Return to Care: Managing Adult Emotions

Many adults are going through this pandemic with a great amount of stress on their shoulders.  Around the world, people are experiencing feelings of fear and apprehension. As our nation reopens, family members may be feeling forced to go back to work. Others are eager get back to work, needing to reestablish their income.  And still others are feeling like this has all been a waste of time. Be prepared for the fact that some of these strong emotions are going to be expressed in your presence.

Maintain professionalism when engaging with families and coworkers:

  • Establish firm boundaries. If another adult tries to pull you into a conversation about the politics surrounding the shut-down, simply acknowledge that this is a challenging time and remind them that your focus needs to be on the children.
  • Do not engage in disagreements about COVID-19. If you disagree with the person’s statement, you could respond by saying, “That is an interesting point of view.” or “I hadn’t looked at it from that perspective.” Remember, you don’t need to attend every disagreement you are invited to!
  • Consider sharing informative articles and resources with families and coworkers. Here are a few possible sources of reliable information:
    • Local health departments
    • gov websites
    • CDC
    • AAP

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