June 2021 Newsletter – Summer Safety: Keeping Children Safe near Water

To beat the heat, you may organize water activities for children. Here are a few ways you can keep children safe when playing near water:

  • Always use close physical supervision during water play. Remain within arms-reach of children during water play. Do not engage in any other activity while supervising water activities.
  • Closely follow child:staff ratios (recommendations here) in place in your state for engaging in water play with children.
  • Lifeguards should be present in swimming areas but do not count toward child:staff ratios.
  • Be sure that all pools meet pool safety requirements that prevent children from being entrapped in filters or other mechanisms.
  • Personal flotation devices should be used when children are playing near bodies of water and pools.
  • Teach children basic water and pool safety. Create a list of simple rules for children to follow when engaged in water play. Consider swimming lessons for children as well.
  • When using sprinklers or splash pads, children should be reminded to walk. Pool shoes should always be worn to prevent slipping.
  • If using water bins or tables, always use fresh water. Ensure that the water is discarded and refilled after each group. Avoid using five-gallon buckets.
  • Make sure children don’t drink any water used for water play.
  • Empty all bins, wading pools, and other standing water.

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