June 2021 Newsletter – Summer Safety: Keeping Children Safe on Walks and Field Trips

Summer is a great time to explore your community.  Here are a few tips to follow to keep children safe on walks and field trips:

  • Make sure to visit field trip locations prior to taking children to the location. The same is true for walks. Plan the walking route and walk it yourself before taking children on the walk. When previewing locations, look for potential hazards, restrooms, places to stop and rest, etc.
  • Be sure to have all paperwork and logistics in order, including permission slips, emergency forms, first aid kits, medications, cell phones, etc.
  • Create a list of expectations for field trips and walks with the children. Remind the children of the expectations often. Teach children about pedestrian rules to follow when out and about.
  • Maintain state-mandated child:staff ratios at all times. Family members can participate in field trips and walk, but they do not count toward ratios.
  • Be sure children are wearing nametags that contain program information. Matching t-shirts can also make it easier to identify members of your party.
  • Use a buddy system. Work with children to determine what it means to be a buddy (keep your buddy safe, make sure your buddy is always nearby, on the bus, etc.). Review what it means to be a buddy before every field trip and walk.
  • For safety, make sure children have water, appropriate clothing and shoes, sunscreen, etc.
  • Prepare children for what to expect and hazards to look out for, such as poison ivy, insects, etc.
  • Conduct headcounts at regular intervals. These headcounts should be face-to-name counts to be sure you have all of the right children in your group. Conduct face-to-name checks every time your group enters and exits the vehicle. Check all seats of the vehicle when exiting to ensure no children will be left behind.
  • Prepare a plan for how to respond to a missing child. Coordinate with the location personnel on how they will assist in locating a lost child.

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