June 2021 Newsletter – Summer Safety: Keeping Children Safe While Gardening

Gardening is a great learning experience that promotes child development across multiple domains. Here are a few ways you can keep children safe when taking care of the program’s garden:

  • Teach children the appropriate use of common gardening tools. Provide children kid-sized tools to prevent accidents from tools that are too big for young children.
  • Create a set of garden rules for children to follow. Remind children of the expectations prior to gardening.
  • Be sure to choose an appropriate location for your garden. This includes considering where water run-off will end up. You don’t want to create puddles on the playground.
  • Only use drinkable water to water your garden.
  • Never use manure when gardening with children. Composting is also discouraged, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. You can add nutrients to the soil in the fall after all plants have been harvested.
  • Make note of all food allergies and avoid planning those plants in your garden. Also, note which children are allergic to bee stings. Have a first aid kit with you when children are working in the garden.
  • Practice proper handwashing techniques before and after gardening.
  • Don’t let children eat items from the garden until they have been properly washed.
  • Do not use chemical pesticides.
  • For even more gardening tips, click here.

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