June 2024 Newsletter – Outdoor Explorations

Outdoor Explorations

When thinking of outdoor time for our preschoolers the first thing that comes to mind is play time and recreation. Although outdoor play time is a much needed and beneficial part of the preschool day, there is so much more that can be done and learned outdoors. Outdoor learning refers to outdoor experiences intentionally provided to support children’s play, exploration, and discovery in natural or urban outdoor settings. Whether it is your center’s playground, a natural outdoor venue or  park, or any other place located outside, the opportunity for learning in these places is great. Outdoor learning can be part of children’s everyday life, fun and enjoyable, and both a stimulus for and an extension of what children learn indoors.

There are many benefits to outdoor learning, physical benefits as well as mental and social emotional development benefits. Everything a child can learn indoors can be extended to an outdoor lesson. Providing outdoor space where these lessons can occur is a crucial part of any preschool environment. Giving the opportunity to take lessons outdoors and giving time to explore the outside world enhances learning.

In this month’s newsletter, we will discuss outdoor explorations and learning. We will dive into what are the benefits of outdoor learning and explorations for our children. We will explore how to maximize the learning potential of our outdoor space and environment. We will give tips on how to create meaningful outdoor experiences for our preschoolers and discuss the importance of outdoor explorations for our young students. Learning to use our outdoor space for more than just  playground time and looking at those spaces as additional classroom space can provide great lessons and tremendous benefits to the children in our care. Making the most of all of our learning environments will enhance and enrich our children. Now, let’s see how to take our learning outdoors!


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