March 2018 Newsletter – School-Age WOYC Activity Ideas

Music Monday

  • Encourage children to create songs about the program, their friends, families, or themselves. If children are willing, they can perform these songs for the other children in a concert or traveling band that visits the other rooms in the program. Record these performances.  Share them with elected officials and post them on social media (with parent permission).
  • Invite a dance instructor in to teach children the steps of popular dances. Tie this activity to a dance-a-thon charity event to raise money for a local cause.

Tasty Tuesday

  • Plan a meal for families or community members. Invite the cook or a caterer (possibly a family volunteer?) to work with children to plan the meal. Encourage children to take an active role in as many steps of the process as possible, including taking a fieldtrip to a grocery store to purchase supplies. This project may start on Tasty Tuesday and culminate at a later date.
  • Host a new food challenge. Ask children to identify foods that they have never had or that they do not like.  Encourage children to try new foods or to retry foods they did not like in the past.

Work Together Wednesday

  • Work together on a clean-up project. Look for opportunities to have children, families, and community members work together to clean up a park, garden, or playground space.
  • Collaborate on a letter to the editor of the local newspaper, highlighting the importance of the experiences children have had while participating in the program.

Artsy Thursday

  • Engage in performance art. Host a talent show, put on a play or puppet show.  Invite children and families from the program to watch the show and cheer on the performers.
  • Invite community members and government officials to come in to sit for a portrait. Spend time prior to the event exploring different types of portraits that have been painted in the past, including as many styles as you can find.  Children can use this time to ask and answer questions from the visitor.

Family Friday

  • Write thank you notes to family members. This can be done on a collaborative mural, in a video recording, or on traditional cards.  Encourage children to identify all the things they are thankful for about their families.  Assist children in creating their notes or scripts and share with families.
  • Encourage children and families to work together to write letters or postcards to the governor or state representatives asking for their commitment to supporting early learning.