March 2020 Newsletter – Self-Care: How Can I Support Self-Care in My Program?

It is important for directors and program administrators to lead the way when it comes to incorporating self-care. “Burn out” is a huge issue in the education field and leads to high turnover rates among teachers. Encouraging staff members, children, and even parents to practice self-care can benefit everyone. That being said, being responsible for a program full of staff and students can be incredibly stressful, so it is just as important for directors and program administrators to practice self-care.

We highly recommend using a variety of methods to encourage self-care.  You can share articles, books, videos, or professional development courses, such as the one offered by CCEI (PROF100: Stress Management for Child Care Providers).  Once employees have had the chance to review the materials, hold discussions about the benefits that self-care would bring to the program, obstacles to the practice of self-care, and what you can do to support self-care practices. Some of the ways you can encourage and support self-care are:

  • Consider guided meditation or yoga before opening for the day
  • Incentivize teachers for self-care practices
  • Provide bonuses or gifts that are self-care related
  • Track self-care activities on a bulletin board on the staff lounge (here is a staff Self-Care Bingo to try)
  • Share self-care reminders and strategies via social media or email
  • When time allows offer a duty free lunch or recess time
  • Encourage teachers to recognize the good in each other
  • Give teachers the opportunity to journal about the school day for themselves not to be turned in or evaluated
  • Handle issues with compassion

These are just a couple of suggestions of how directors and school administrators could support their staff and encourage their self-care practices. Again it is important to keep in mind that self-care is important for everyone, so take a moment to evaluate your self-care practices, and even consider encouraging the parents to do the same.

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