March 2020 Newsletter – Self-Care

During these difficult and uncertain times, it can be incredibly beneficial to focus on self-care.  At this point, many have forgotten all about that New Year’s Resolution, and reverted back to old habits especially with the added stressors within our current environment. Take this time to reflect upon how well you are taking care of your own needs.

In this newsletter, we will explore the benefits of self-care for the health and wellness of everyone, but especially teachers. In this busy day and age, where we are connected twenty-four/seven, it is important to stop and take stock of individual needs. If you are feeling stressed and you are interested in finding ways to reduce your mental load, check out one of CCEI’s courses, PROF100: Stress Management for Child Care. This course is the free trial course of the month for individuals who are new to CCEI, so be sure to share with your colleagues!

“Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it’s about self-preservation.”

-Audrey Lorde

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