March 2023 Newsletter – Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss

Thinking back on the past few years, it seemed appropriate to dedicate some newsletter space to the concepts of grief and loss. COVID-19’s global impact is something we will feel for many years to come. Whether children and families experienced the loss of a loved one or the loss of a job or their home, they are likely going through the grieving process.

Grief is the emotional response to loss.  Everyone reacts differently to loss and children tend to experience grief differently from adults.

To fully support children and families, it is important for early care and education professionals to gain an understanding of grief and the different types of loss that can trigger grief. This is an uncomfortable topic and it can bring up a lot of emotions for educators who have experienced loss as well. It is important that educators seek support and information about grief and loss so that they are prepared to support the children in their care and their families.

We hope that this newsletter and our free trial course for the month of March can be part of that learning journey for educators.


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