March 2024 Newsletter – Best Practices When Reading with Children

As early childhood educators, placing our young students on the path to literacy is one of our more important tasks. Learning to read begins as early as babies when they hear and respond to the human voice. Supporting oral language development in babies and toddlers will help with literacy learning down the road. Children need to hear and understand spoken language to begin their steps toward literacy. Becoming aware of the different sounds of the language, and learning about letters and words in print is the foundation for learning how to read and write. As our students get older we are able to introduce more foundations of literacy by reading books with them.

Reading to children is one of the best activities in promoting literacy in young children. As ECE professionals, we are developing the skills that act as the foundation for literacy. When we share books with very young children we support emerging literacy. We help children learn that pictures and words are symbols that can be interpreted, children are exposed to new words, increasing their vocabulary, and we help children familiarize themselves with the conventions of print in our language. This lays the foundation for learning to read.

In this month’s newsletter, we will discuss best practices when reading aloud to children. We will give tips and strategies to use when reading aloud, and discuss what interactive read-alouds are and how they can be used in the classroom. We will also explore what families can do to support literacy development at home and delve into what developmentally appropriate literacy learning in preschools looks like. In this month’s blog, we will also discuss how we can use our reading times as opportunities to reach multi-language learners and culturally diverse classrooms.


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