May 2018 Newsletter – Service-Learning & Family Involvement Project Ideas: Director’s Corner

Program-wide service-learning can bring together all of the children and families in the accomplishment of one collective goal.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Hold a food drive for a food bank
  • Organize a clothing or toy drive
  • Donate pet supplies
  • Donate toys and games to shelters
  • Collect sports equipment for community centers
  • Donate used books or magazines to a community health clinic

It is important to be aware of the needs of the families enrolled in your program.  Some may not have the financial ability to purchase items to donate. Service-learning projects organized around winter holidays may add financial stress to some families in your program.

It may be more realistic for families to donate gently used clothing or toys, advertise the project on social media, or volunteer to help organize and drop off the collected items.  When planning your service-learning project, compose a letter to families listing several different options for participation.

The introduction letter can also describe the purpose of the service-learning  project as well as some of the learning outcomes that will be highlighted during the project.   Invite parent feedback about the types of service-learning opportunities the program provides, including the frequency.

Throughout the project, provide families with images of children participating in elements of the project.  Suggest open ended questions that families can use to start conversations with children about what they are learning during the project.

Many additional ideas for involving families in service-learning are available here.


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