May 2020 Newsletter – The Arts and Stress Reduction: Benefits of Engaging in the Arts

Whether you are dancing aggressively to your favorite song or smashing black paint onto a canvas with a sponge, activities in the arts provide an opportunity for self-expression and an emotional release.  Art activities can help people reduce stress by promoting:

  • Relaxation of mind and body – Artistic movements are often repetitive and fluid, which can help some people feel more relaxed. Many people enjoy the tactile sensations that are experienced during art activities.
  • Distraction from daily stressors – When engaged in artistic activities, your mind can become absorbed in the present moment, rather than worrying about the future.
  • Feelings of accomplishment – Completing a project can make people feel proud of themselves and the work they have produced.
  • Self-confidence – As a person engages in activities, their level of comfort and skills can improve, which may also lead to feelings of self-confidence. A person can also feel more confident in their ability to manage emotions and stress, even if their artistic skills never improve.
  • The recognition and release of pent up emotions – When overcome with emotions, sometimes there are no words to express how we are feeling. Sometimes, putting emotions on paper or releasing your feeling through physical activities such as drumming, can provide a way to express yourself without using words.
  • Creativity – Creativity is an important life skill that children and adults use to come up with solutions to problems at home and in the workplace.

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