May 2020 Newsletter – The Arts and Stress Reduction: Which Activities are Included in the Arts?

When we use the phrase the arts, we are referring to a wide variety of activities ranging from music and dance to painting and sculpting. One of the most important features of the arts is the opportunity for freedom and self-expression.  The following list contains just a few of the possible art activities you can explore, either alone, with family members, or with the children in your care.  Be sure, though, that freedom and self-expression are at the heart of the activities you choose.

  • Drawing and coloring – While we advocate for children to draw and color their own pictures, adult coloring books are a great place for adults to start expressing themselves, especially adults who are apprehensive about their artistic abilities.
  • Painting – There are so many styles of painting to explore, including abstract painting, where one can simply experience how the paint moves and mixes on the canvas. The Product is not important; this is all about the Process!
  • Sculpture – You may choose to use clay, modeling compound or even recycled or found objects. Items from nature provide unique shapes and textures for creating works of art.
  • Fiber arts – This area of the arts includes things such as knitting, cross stitching, sewing, quilting, etc. If those activities are not something you are interested in, you can still explore the materials by creating illustrations out of yarn, mosaics out of fabric, or friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss.
  • Writing – Again, you do not have to be a literary scholar to engage in meaningful, creative writing. You can begin by journaling or writing simple poems. You might also try free-association writing, where you begin with your favorite song lyric and just right whatever comes into your mind for the next five minutes.
  • Music – Some people have more skill when it comes to playing an instrument or holding a note. But that does not mean that we can’t all participate in musical activities. Sing along with the radio, change the words to your favorite songs, or create drums and bongos that you can play freely, without worrying about knowing how to read music.
  • Dance – Move your body.  Move it slowly and smoothly. Move it quickly and angrily. It doesn’t have to look good; it just needs to feel good.

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