May 2021 Student Spotlight – Meghan Croft

I began my career in early childhood as an assistant teacher in a mixed age preschool and pre-kindergarten classroom.  After having received my degree in elementary education and completing all my student teaching in elementary-age classrooms, this was my first experience in an early childhood setting – and I knew it was right where I was meant to be!  I went on to teach for four years before attending graduate school full time.  After graduation, I jumped right back into the classroom at a cooperative preschool, which is where I have been teaching ever since.

I love being a teacher and working with preschool-age children because it provides an opportunity to teach the whole child and support all aspects of a child’s social-emotional, cognitive, and language development.  Also, I really value the relationships that I create with my students and their families.  Oftentimes, I get to be a child’s first teacher and their first school experience, so it is important to me that I create a learning environment and classroom community that is welcoming, nurturing, and most importantly, is a place that my students enjoy being a part of!

My favorite time of day to spend with my students is during our morning free play time.  During this time of day, I am able to circulate around the classroom and spend quality time with my students – whether it be doing a “building challenge” in the block area together, reading with a child in the classroom library, or getting messy with paint and other materials at the art table.  I love creating curriculum and thematic activities/projects for my students and watching them be excited and eager to participate.  Having the opportunity to be part of a child’s growth and development, as well as observing them learn and try something new, is very rewarding!

I completed the Director’s Certificate Program through CCEI at the end of last year.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program and working with my Education Coach.  I highly recommend the Director’s Certificate Program to anyone looking to learn about administrative opportunities in early childhood.  I hope to use my Director’s certificate one day in the future to take on a combined administrative and classroom teacher role.