May 2022 Student Spotlight – Dalia Zamuc

May 2022 Student Spotlight – Dalia Zamuc

May name is Dalia Zamuc and I am a Dreamer. I was born in Guanajuato, Mexico on August 21, 1992. I am the fourth child of nine children born to my mother Ma Guadalupe Paniagua, and father, Alvaro Zamuchio.  I live in Palmetto, Florida but I work in Sarasota.

When I was thirteen, I moved to United States with my dad. It was not an easy year because my mom and siblings did not arrive in the States until a year later. I attended sixth through graduation of high school (2011) in Florida. The last year of High School is where I committed to my boyfriend who became my husband two years ago. He has been part of my family and my life for twelve years.

I love Florida and all it has to offer. I love the beauty of nature, the sunny days, and the people that I meet. I find happiness in playing soccer for these fourteen years. I also love music, dancing, and traveling.

Six years ago, my mother passed. She was only fifty-one of pancreatic cancer. The patience that she had raising seven children was marvelous. She raised all of us to love each other. I still have my dad and my six brothers and sisters, and I know that we are close because of the love mom taught us to have for each other.

Though I have no children of my own, I do have two stepchildren. One is eighteen and the other is twenty-four. Working with children is fulfilling as it was helping my younger siblings with their learning, homework, and daily life. However, I find switching from Spanish to English difficult at times. Working with the children, has helped my understanding of the new language develop as I communicate with the children, families, and co-workers.

I would say that my career in early childhood began with a love of children. I am number four of eight children. I loved helping my younger siblings with their homework in a new country.  I hope to be a positive and inspiring impact on the children’s lives who come into my classroom as my mother had in my life.

I chose to obtain the Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC) through CCEI because it was the highest-quality program offered and I can utilize the certification to help advance my career in ECE.  I would recommend CCEI to anyone who is looking for an education that is hassle-free, offers amazing support through their education coaches, and a wonderful student support staff when you run into any technical problems or issues.

I loved the online coursework with CCEI and I will pursue other courses to achieve my professional development goals.  I will continue to use CCEI for my professional opportunities, personal growth, and IACET CEUs.  My plan is to pursue all CCEI courses available to stay informed on the field of Early Childhood Education.  I also want to get my degree in either Early Childhood or Child Development.  I want to be the best teacher I can be so that the children in my care will be the best that they can be.

I am very thankful for CCEI!  The courses and certifications offered and at an affordable price are extremely beneficial for all ECE professionals. I am so happy to have had this experience to grow and use the tools given to me through the courses to make my classroom more efficient.

Though I love all the little moments with my little friends, my favorite times with the children maybe the least favorite times of other teachers.  I love pretending to cook or stack blocks and singing Happy Birthday. I love watching them create with art supplies. However, I think that my most memorable connections are made during conflict resolution, diaper changes, and dancing or running on the playground.

When two children are having a disagreement and I help them find a way to solve the problem, I feel that I am giving tools that will help them in life and education. They can self-regulate and socialize throughout life. During bathroom changes, I get have one-to-one discussions. The child talks about how they may be doing at home.  I also love to see the children play and dance with each other outside. They enjoy looking for insects, dancing, and running, and laughing. I feel that these times are areas during the day that many teachers do not think to use in the education of the children.

The children in my class seem to enjoy playing with sand, water, and looking for insects on the playground. They also love to stack large Legos and sing Happy Birthday.

I believe that our children are motivated by the bonds that we create with them. If a child feels safe and secure, the child is open to take chances to learn. They have more educational experiences and not be afraid to make mistakes. If a teacher is too strict or helps too much, many children do not feel free to learn or are afraid to disappoint the adults in their lives.

I think that the most enjoyable thing about my job is hearing the children from all the classes that I have taught call my name outside of the classroom. My heart grows when a child sees me at a store and calls my name and runs to me to give me a hug.

I have a big family. I love to spend time with my husband and my seven siblings. Though I work until after 5:30p.m. each weekday, I cook for my husband and watch movies with him. During the weekend, I like to go to dinners with my three sisters. Sometimes just hanging with my hard-working dad and brothers are a fun way to spend time.

I can see myself still working in this field with the same educational team.  My co-worker and I have one mission, and that mission is to teach our children how to self-regulate, care for others, problem solve, love to learn, and even potty train. I want to spend my future continuing to make a difference in all lives.