New Course from CCEI on Building Social and Emotional Competence

ChildCare Education Institute® (CCEI), an online child care training provider dedicated exclusively to the early care and education workforce, is proud to introduce SOC107: Building Social and Emotional Competence to the online child care training course catalog.

As an early childhood education professional, it is important for providers to recognize that responsive relationships are essential for providing effective, meaningful guidance and care. These relationships exist between the provider and each child, along with the child’s family. To build a responsive relationship, the ECE professional must identify and respond to individual needs and interests. Responsive caregiving is based on not only recognizing the individuality of each child, but also honoring it through interactions with each child.

Identifying and responding to children’s needs is one of the most important roles early childhood education professionals perform. Not just physical needs (hungry, thirsty, tired), but also the children’s social and emotional needs. At times, these needs may be challenging to identify, especially when children are young and have limited language skills. Without adequate language and other coping skills, young children’s behaviors are likely to be driven by their emotions. The goal of this course is to help providers figure out ways to focus less on the behavior itself and more on what is causing the behavior. That’s really what responsive relationships are all about.

This course explores how social and emotional skills develop over time and ways that early childhood education professionals can use their understanding of this development to create an environment that supports children’s individual needs. Participants will learn recommended strategies and practices for supporting the development of social emotional skills, with the intended goal being a reduction in negative behaviors related to emotional reactions and social conflicts. Children will be exposed to new strategies that will help them build their skills in the area of social and emotional development, which will support the development of relationships and feelings of competence and self-confidence.

“Healthy, positive social-emotional development could make all the difference in a child’s life, and the path to that outcome is paved with strong adult-child relationships and meaningful conversations,” says Maria C. Taylor, President and CEO of CCEI. “Building relationships and promoting language development are the two enduring themes early childhood education providers should carry away from this course.”

SOC107: Building Social and Emotional Competence is a two-hour, beginner-level course and grants 0.2 IACET CEU upon successful completion. Current CCEI users with active, unlimited annual subscriptions can register for professional development courses at no additional cost when logged in to their CCEI account. Users without subscriptions can purchase child care training courses as block hours through CCEI online enrollment.

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