October 2018 Student Spotlight – Nancy Ann Villegas

My child care career started when I turned 16.  I lived in Michigan and there was an opening for a teacher aide at Telamon Migrant Head Start.  I really didn’t think I would want to do this as a career because at that time I just wanted to stop picking vegetables in the field for a living.  I started college once I graduated but 3 semesters later dropped out to marry my finance of 2 years.  A divorce and 2 children later, I was still working at Migrant Head Start but wished I had pursued my education to better provide for my children.   In my free time, I coach the All American Blue Jays tee ball team in which my youngest son is the catcher. I sing in a country/oldies band occasionally.

I really enjoyed spending time with the children, seeing them grow and share their smiles. I figured why not get my education in this field. More than anything, I believe giving all children a chance at being happy is the best medicine for both children and teachers. Therefore, this was my chance for making sure I could help children.  I will be completing my Associates Degree in Education this December 2018. I was awarded my CDA by the Council of Professional Recognition in 2012.  I plan to pursue my bachelor’s Degree then my master’s and finally my Doctorate Degree in Education.

I continue to work for Migrant Head Start that sends me to different states in the summer. I have taught in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and now Missouri. I absolutely love what I do. I wanted to be a director for 2 years and decided this year to take this course. I dedicated myself, I worked full-time at the head start, provide for my 2 children 12 and 6 years old. Once my home responsibilities were done, I would do my work from 10pm to 3am and of course weekends. I was tired, I was sleepy, I even cut down on TV but so worth it. Thanks to our Good Lord I finished. I am blessed to say now I am a Director of Migrant Head Start in Lexington, Missouri. The program that prepared me was CCEI. They know how to motivate you. I recommend this program to all who want to make a positive difference in children’s lives. Thank you for your support my children Roland, Nathaniel, Mom and Mrs. Laura Hamilton. You sent me emails to keep me going. Thank you.