October 2019 Newsletter – Maintain a Safe and Healthy Environment: Standards Related to Administration

Standard Food and Nutrition Service Policies and Plans has been updated to include the following element:

Early care and education programs should have food handling, feeding, and written nutrition policies and plans under the direction of the administration that address food allergies and special dietary restrictions, including family/cultural food preferences.

To learn about the other items that are required in a written nutrition plan, visit https://nrckids.org/CFOC/Database/

Updates to Standard Emergency and Evacuation Drills/Exercise Policy include the following language:

Early care and education programs should have a written policy documenting that emergency drills or exercises are regularly practiced for geographically appropriate emergencies, natural disasters and violent/hostile intruder events.

a. Evacuation emergencies (e.g., fires, floods, gas leaks, chemical spills)

b. Shelter-in-place emergencies (e.g., tornados, earthquakes, threatening person outside)

c. Lockdown emergencies (e.g., violent/hostile intruders, threatening/dangerous animals)

More information about Standard can be found here: https://nrckids.org/CFOC/Database/

Language has been updated in Standard Evacuation and Shelter-In-Place Drill Records. Here is some of that language:

Records of the practiced emergency drill procedures and reviewed emergency policies should be completed regularly and kept on file. Staff training in proper record-keeping should be conducted annually.

Administrators should check with their state regulations and licensing requirements to adhere to the frequency of emergency drills and keep a record of the date, time, and name of the individual drill reviewer when each of the following drills are performed.

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