October 2019 Student Spotlight – Debra Green

I began my career in early childhood in 1999 and started out as a cook. A couple of years later, I became an infant teacher. I love taking care of children, watching them grow up and go through the development stages of their life. Children develop physically, socially, and emotionally so fast.

I discovered CCEI in June 2018. It was such as positive experience for me. I had help when I needed it and encouragement to get me through. That made a huge difference to me. I used CCEI’s coursework to receive my Infant-Toddler CDA Certificate.

I enjoy active times with the infants in my care because it gives me time to have one-on-one with them. Music time is the best because they like to bounce and move around.  And my older infants like to clap their hands and smile. My reward is seeing them smile. I am motivated by the changes I see in my infants daily. Providing a safe and nurturing environment is very important to me. The infants in my care are our future. My job is to be able to give them all the love and time I can while they are in my care.

I live in Fort Worth, TX. In my free time I love shopping, crossword puzzles, and spending time with my husband, children and grandchildren as much as I can.

My current position as a Lead Infant Teacher keeps me very busy. I plan to keep my CDA current and continue my professional development journey. I also participate in conferences and workshops to stay active with my training.

I want to thank my CCEI Education Coach for being there for me. I couldn’t have done it without her. She consistently responded to my requests when I needed her and she always showed me examples to help work through any issues I was experiencing. And more importantly, at the end of every call, she always gave me positive reassurance to say “you can do this!”. That told me that she truly cares and wants to see me excel. I am always talking about my coach to other teachers. Because of my coach and the high quality of the coursework, I am always highly referring CCEI to other ECE professionals for all their training needs.