October 2020 Newsletter – Storytelling

It is said that every culture in the world uses storytelling as a way of passing down wisdom and history to younger generations.  Before there was written language, before scrolls and books, people used storytelling to share ideas and values with other members of the community. Storytelling is magical for children. It opens the doors to new worlds and helps children understand their heritage and traditions.

Young children are natural storytellers. If you step back and watch children at play, they are constantly telling stories about what is happening in their block town, the dramatic play area, and in their artwork. Early childhood educators can capitalize on this natural interest and ability by introducing a more formal approach to storytelling in the classroom.

By adding a storytelling element to your curriculum, you will introduce and reinforce so many developmental skills that will serve children throughout their education. In this newsletter, we will explore the benefits of storytelling and what it might look like to implement storytelling in your program.

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