October 2021 Newsletter – Math in the Early Years

Math in the Early Years

Math is one of the most common ways that we create order and make sense of the world around us. As adults, we learn to organize our time, manage money, read and interpret data to make decisions, consume delicious food, and create solutions to a wide variety of problems. You may not think about it often, but math-related activities probably dominate your professional and personal life.

Everyone can search the internet for a forgotten historical date or the synonym of a word. Understanding math, however, allows us to work with information using critical thinking skills and logic. Some studies have even shown that solid math skills are strongly associated with success in college and the workforce.

Because math is evident in almost all areas of our lives, it stands to reason that it would (and should) also be prevalent in the lives of young children. In this edition of the CCEI newsletter, we will explore the characteristics of high-quality math experiences for young children.  You are encouraged to reflect on your current practices and consider how you might incorporate some of the recommendations into your work with the children in your care.

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