October 2022 Newsletter – Exploring Healthy Foods: Build a Nutrition Resource Library

Build a Nutrition Resource Library

There is so much information out there related to nutrition, food safety, and healthy eating; too much to fit into one binder.  You may decide to make a binder available to families, but it may be a better idea to curate an online nutrition resource.  Using a platform such as Pinterest comes to mind when considering this endeavor.  All resources can be stored in organized folders that can be marked private for enrolled families only or you might keep the folders public as a way to demonstrate your program’s commitment to the children and families in your care.

Here are a few resources that you can explore, regardless of how you decide to organize and share them:

My Plate

  • Information relating to the USDA meal planning tool.

Team Nutrition

  • This resource aims to support schools and child care programs as they implement healthy food service programs.

Kids in the Kitchen

  • Resources to teach children about food and kitchen safety.

Action for Healthy Kids

  • Resources and activity ideas for healthy eating and living for kids of all ages.

We Can!

  • Provides resource ideas for healthy eating, staying active, and reducing screen time.

Let’s Move!

  • Archived activities and resources from the White House initiative on healthy living.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Future

  • Resources for ECE providers, trainers, parents, and local leaders.

Super Healthy Kids

  • Activity ideas for teaching young children about nutrition.

Nutrition Standards for CACFP Meals and Snacks

  • All the information a program would need to meet CACFP meal planning standards and much more!


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