October 2023 Newsletter – Prewriting Skills in Early Childhood

Prewriting Skills in Early Childhood

It is safe to say that most young children are fascinated with the power that comes from wielding a crayon and making their mark on the world (and tables, walls, etc.).  The ability to communicate ideas, feelings, and knowledge through the written word is both challenging and extremely rewarding for young children.

When most people think about how children learn to write, they might imagine children sitting at tables with freshly sharpened pencils and paper, maybe even tracing worksheets or handwriting workbooks.  The truth is, from the first scribble a child makes on paper, they are building a foundation upon which future writing skills will be built.

In early learning environments, we recognize that being ready to learn to write requires strength and coordination that begin to develop years before children write discernable letters and words. It is a given that children need to know the letters of the alphabet in order to write, but before children even have an understanding of what a letter is, they are practicing the other skills required to be successful writers.  These skills are called prewriting skills and in this month’s newsletter, we will focus our attention on what early learning programs can do to strengthen prewriting skills to ensure children are ready to write when the appropriate time comes.


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