Testimonial Otter Learning

Testimonial from Otter Learning

As a growing network of high-quality early education centers covering multiple states, Otter Learning partnered with CCEI to give our hundreds of team members access to training in order to meet training requirements in each of our markets and to deepen knowledge while helping our staff reach professional development goals. In less than six months with CCEI, our Otter Learning team members have completed more than 1000 training hours of the diverse CCEI course catalog. Since all of the courses have CEUs attached to them and are approved by each state where our schools are located, most of our training needs can be taken care of by our CCEI subscription. Accessing training through CCEI has contributed to our continual improvement of care and education we offer to students and their families. The top-notch customer service we have received from our personal CCEI representative, Melissa Thomas, has helped our entire team to access the various tools and courses of CCEI to support professional development, to increase knowledge and to improve practice in the classroom.

The diverse course catalog has been helpful to provide training for our various roles in our organization as well as each team member’s individual training needs and professional level. We have teaching staff who are new to the field and their CCEI training has impacted their teaching practice and continues to build their  professional foundation. We have new directors who have received guidance about being an effective leader in an early education setting from their CCEI training. We also have well-seasoned team members who have benefited from refreshing the standards for best practices while adding new knowledge. Having access to high
quality impactful training is a beneficial resource we have to offer team members as part of our compensation package such as paid time off and insurance.

We have recently begun utilizing the API integration service of CCEI to help manage our employees enrolled in CCEI. The API integration connects directly to our HR department to add and remove staff from the subscription automatically. As our staffing continuously changes, the API helps ensure all staff have access to professional development opportunities through CCEI. As we add more centers across the country, we have the assurance that all Otter Learning team members will be able to meet their professional development goals by being added to our CCEI subscription from the first day they join our team.